Experience and approach

At once empathetic, straight talking and realistic, Martin will help your scrum and agile adoption move forward at the correct pace for your organisation, empowering a permanent transformation to the way you work.

He is experienced in agile team coaching at a multi team, department level, and in focussing on one or two teams at a time as a Scrum Master or mentor.

Comfortable with any software product development teams on digital platforms up to large enterprise level, his experience includes e-commerce, self service, payment, big data, mobile app and microservice development,

His 12 years with scrum and agile sits on many years foundation as a business analyst working in online and airfield operational systems.

Previous clients include aviation, utilities, retail, consultancy and telco.

Martin provides agile consultancy as a blend of teaching, mentoring and facilitating, all with a strong professional coaching stance.
His goal is to bring about business agility and help software teams professionally and personally thrive.

He is actively involved in defining agile coaching competencies for the profession in conjunction with the Scrum Alliance.

Agile Coach assignments

Partner with key client personnel, such as Scrum Masters, Delivery Managers, Portfolio Managers, Product Owners to create the next target state of working, and iterate towards that through measurable and continuous improvement.

  •  Guidance and facilitated implementation of agile practices, including scaling agile working to multiple teams, and adoption of practices from Kanban, LeSS, SAFe and  Scrum@Scal, frameworks
  •  Mentoring Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Development Teams in Agile thinking, tools and practices
Advice on backlogs, roadmap alignment, user stories, estimation, quality assurance, team dynamics, workshop facilitation.

Scrum Mastery

Embedded team coaching as Scrum Master for short and medium term assignments, or to provide cover , mentoring or expertise whilst awaiting a permanent hire .

Agile Consultancy

Anything to do with software or 'soft' product development (e.g. a HR initiative, or a marketing campaign), that doesn' t fit neatly into what you might think of as belonging to the agile coaching or scrum master domain, the chances are there are still principles and practices from the business or organisational agility toolset that could be useful.

At the end of the day, many organisations:
- need to respond quickly to change
- want to deliver to their own definition of 'high quality'
- want to be predictable with their delivery schedules
- can't predict the future, but feel they somehow have to...

'Agile' is applicable to all of these.
 So if you want to have a look at what you can do differently with what you've already got, then get in touch for a chat.


Part, full or multi-day courses in Agile, Scrum Mastery and Product Ownership.
Training courses are being revised and updated for 2022 and will be published here when available.